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David Burder

David’s “Stella Matutina” vineyard sits at 860 metres above sea level. And not only is it the highest vineyard in Victoria but it’s the most isolated. Travel to David’s house along a winding, unmade track and you’ll more than likely say hello to a kangaroo or two or have to stop to allow a wombat to cross the track in search of a place to snooze.

David has a passion for inventing and building farm machinery for markets around the world. His farm based engineering business designs and manufactures equipment for the fire wood industry including the renowned “Superaxe” wood splitter and the well known “Whitco” brand of pruning equipment. Just a little further on is a vineyard producing grapes which make delicate aromatic wines, wines of style and finesse. Redbank selects these grapes for its much acclaimed Sunday Morning Pinot Gris and the popular Emily Sparkling. Winter can be challenging. Quite often you’ll find David pruning his mature vines as the snow falls and lies centimetres deep at his feet. This is a very special place. But hang on, what’s that fiery red Mustang doing at Victoria’s highest vineyard? We’re not too sure; perhaps David just likes to surround himself with beautiful and stylish things.


Stella Matutina

Stella Matutina sitting at 860 metres above sea level this 5ha vineyard is the highest in Victoria. We source small amounts of Pinot Gris and Chardonnay from this site.The haunting isolation, snow fall and high altitude, make Stella Matutina the highest and coolest vineyard, which can reach temperatures 10 degrees cooler than the lower regions. This means the grapes are late to ripen and wines produced from this vineyard present with higher purity, acid line, structure and finesse.