Welcome to Redbank wines. Nestled in the high country of the North East Victorian alpine region, we celebrate the generosity of fertile soils and the purity of cool climate fruit to handcraft contemporary wines of regional distinction, freshness and minerality. Led by a highly dedicated team of passionate winemakers and growers, Redbank wines aspire to embody the true spirit of generosity, and the Italian way of life in the King Valley region.


Sparkling Collection

Rich volcanic soils, cool temperatures and high altitude are the hallmarks of the King Valley region. This makes it an ideal area for producing quality sparkling wines with delicate flavour and pristine, natural acidity.

Our Team

Meet the Growers

This is our long time, loyal family of growers from the King Valley. For many years this small group of dedicated and hard-working people have been the back-bone of our Redbank wine offerings.